The ZenDen Story of

Family & Shared Passions

We All Dream Of Doing Something We Love

An unforgettable adventure in the woods and a strong entrepreneurial drive paved the way for the birth of ZenDen.

On a backpacking excursion, co-founders Steve, his sister Heidi and her fiancé Jason endured a challenging night on a mountain side. Battling relentless, biting cold, and raging wind Steve sought refuge in a hammock beneath a rainfly for a grueling 14 hours.

During this arduous ordeal, Steve reflected upon his earlier discussions with his friend Shane. Shane and his wife Janet were successful entrepreneurs, running their own thriving business. Their conversations often revolved around the notion that the most successful enterprises are those that address significant problems.

And so, in that pivotal moment, Steve discovered the problem he was determined to solve.

Blue Ridge Parkway ZenDen
Blue Ridge Parkway Adventure Intelligence

A Problem To Solve

While it’s easy to find problems when you’re stuck in a hammock with water flowing underneath you, all of your gear wet, and absolutely nowhere to get dry, every problem is an opportunity! And there IS a silver lining in everything.

When the rain let up, Steve, Jason, and Heidi pondered how this adventure could have been a bit more comfortable. Suddenly, a new tent design started to form.

Upon Steve’s return, by the side of his wife Mariel, he called up Shane and Janet to introduce the idea of ZenDen.

In those moments, ZenDen was born.

With a wide skill set among our group, we formed a new company, ZenDen, and made it our mission not only to create incredible products but also to provide knowledge that motivate and inspire curious adventurers to get out on the trails and mountainside, making outdoor experiences better…

And it all started with a tent that helps you find your Zen.

Team CampZenDen Crew
Shane and Steve

From Idea to Reality

In less than a year, ZenDen has come from a single idea to 4 unique tent designs with 3 under current prototype development! 

We’re bootstrapping this family adventure one step at a time with the ambition to become a household name in the world of backpacking! 


Creating New Adventures For Our Families And Yours

We also see ZenDen as opportunity to empower more families to spend more of their time outdoors and in nature. 

A world filled with artificial EVERYTHING needs to be escaped everyone once in a while, and we hope to make your trip outdoors better every time. 

And we can’t wait to share our adventures with YOU! Our Zen Tribe! 


Meet The ZenDen Team

ZenDen was created by three families, all with a passion for the family, outdoors, entrepreneurship, and living a better quality of life. 

Steve & Mariel

Steve, a firefighter by trade was the brainchild of the original ZenDen Hammock Tent. Steve takes on the brunt of design, manufacturing and product creation. His wife Mariel heads up ZenDen’s social media presence and content creation, bringing her incredible creativity to help spread  ZenDen’s passions and products to the masses!  

Shane & Janet

Shane, a sales and digital marketing expert, creates the systems behind the scenes, from web development, marketing, and automations. His wife Janet, is a social media marketing professional and sales coach and together, have built multiple successful businesses online. 

Jason & Heidi

Jason, our resident backpacking and hiking expert AND full time entrepreneur with a thriving renovation business bringing a ton of skills to ZenDen Family with his real world experience. His finance Heidi adds her incredible graphic design, web development skills and contagious positive attitude.