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Our mission is to make your outdoor experiences the best it can be – one of peace and serenity. Take the opportunity to connect with yourself and with nature…and get out on the trails!

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Ready To Hit The Trails?

Backpacking has been such an incredible adventure for us and we’re thrilled to spread our knowledge with aspiring adventurers.

Every great adventure starts with the right gear. Grab our ZenDens Trailblazer Guide: The Essential List for Beginning Backpackers and find yourself prepared on the trail.

From bad weather to other unexpected circumstances, ensuring that you have the bare essentials will help assure a peaceful adventure. 

We’ve curated this Backpackers Checklist for beginners to help you get one step closer to hitting the trails!

Enjoy the free guide and stay tuned for more to come from the ZenDen Tribe. See you on the trails!


Empowering You To
Trail Blaze Your Next Adventure!


Connecting With Nature is an Adventure.

ZenDen | Adventure Intelligence is on a mission to making the outdoors a place where families can reconnect in a world outside of artificiality.  Where being present in the moment is what matters and being with the ones we love most. We believe in creating products and resources that make hiking and backpacking to families of all sizes and ages.

A company founded on family values and the belief that we could all get outdoors a little more.  

As entrepreneurs with young families, we also wanted to ensure our products always have families at the front of mind.


ZenDen is focused on making your environment better through new solutions so that you can reach new levels of relaxation we’re all looking for when get the chance to make it on the trails.

Our new line of pole-less tents for backpackers are unlike anything on the market today, 


Coming Soon!

All new experience for backpackers, hikers and hammock lovers! Coming soon! 

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